Staff Profile

Chris German


Geology & Geophysics


Phone: +1 508 289 2853

Address: Clark 241,   Mail Stop: 22

Lab/Group Site:


BA Geological Sciences, U.Cambridge, UK (1984)
PhD Marine Geochemistry, U.Cambridge, UK (1988)
ScD Earth Sciences, U.Cambridge, UK (2007)

Research Interests

Geologic controls on seafloor fluid flow (Vents & Seeps)
Impact of hydrothermal activity, seeps, on ocean budgets
Chemosynthetic Ecosystems, Astrobiology & Origins of Life
New Technologies for Deep Ocean Exploration


2014: Research Prize – Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, Germany
2010: Excellence in Research Award – Petersen Foundation, Germany
2002: MBE Services to Marine Research, HM Government, UK
2000: Edward A Flinn Award –┬áInternational Lithosphere Panel
2000: Scientist for the New Century – Royal Institution, UK
1988: John Murray Travelling Student – Royal Society, UK