Staff Profile

Christopher Piecuch

Assistant Scientist


Physical Oceanography


Phone: +1 508 289 2641

Address: Clark 322A,   Mail Stop: 21


B.A. University of Rhode Island, 2006, Physics, Mathematics, German Language and Literature
M.S. University of Rhode Island, 2010, Oceanography (concentration in Biological Oceanography)
Ph.D. University of Rhode Island, 2016, Oceanography (concentration in Physical Oceanography)

Research Statement

I am a physical oceanographer interested in the physics and statistics of coastal and regional sea level variability and change.  My research makes combined use of instrumental observations, proxy records, numerical simulations, and theoretical models.  My recent work focuses on understanding how regional sea level is related to large-scale ocean circulation as well as reconstructing the history of past coastal sea level change.

Research Interests

Sea level, ocean circulation, deep-ocean climate, satellite gravimetry, probabilistic methods, Bayesian inference