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Frants Jensen

Preferred Name: Frants H Jensen

Visiting Investigator




Phone: 508 289 3692


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,   Mail Stop 50
266 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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BSc, Msc, and PhD in Biology from Aarhus University, Zoophysiology Department, Peter T. Madsen as supervisor.
Postdoc fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (mentor: P. L. Tyack) and Princeton University (mentors: I. Couzin, D. Rubenstein, S. Levin) and independent research fellowship at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.

Research Statement

I am a behavioral ecologist with expertise in bioacoustics, sensory ecology and acoustic communication. I work broadly to understand how social animals function – how they forage individually and in groups, how they communicate and coordinate motion and activity with conspecifics, and how increasing anthropogenic activities such as underwater noise or marine development affects such life functions in the Anthropocene.

My research has a particular focus on echolocating toothed whales, but I have active research projects spanning across many taxa from communication and acoustic monitoring of fish and invertebrates to large-scale collective behavior and acoustic information flow in spotted hyenas.

I leverage a range of animal-borne high-resolution biologging tags to record and quantify in-situ animal behavior and to take experiments out of the lab and into the wild. I develop new data processing algorithms to extend the capabilities of existing tags, and I collaborate with engineers to develop the next generation of biologgers to answer new and pressing questions about how animals function.

I am keenly interested in science-based conservation and management. I seek to provide data for improved management through research on the effects of anthropogenic noise on marine animals. I am interested in improving acoustic monitoring and density estimation efforts through increased knowledge of marine animal sounds and improved animal detection algorithms.

See my website for more information and updated CV: