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Frieder Klein

Preferred Name: Frieder Klein




Phone: 508 289 3355

Office: MCLEAN 

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,   Mail Stop 08
266 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Research Statement

My research concerns the chemical interactions between aqueous fluids and rocks in a broad array of geodynamic settings, including mid-ocean ridges, rifted margins, subduction zones, and ophiolites, as well as other planets, moons, and meteorite parent bodies that once had – or still have – liquid water.  Trained as a marine geologist, petrologist, and aqueous geochemist, my research approach is to integrate field geology, analytical geochemistry and spectroscopy, hydrothermal laboratory experiments, and thermodynamics to address the fundamental problem of how fluid-rock reactions work. Over the past 10+ years, I have studied the reaction pathways and redox conditions during serpentinization, abiotic synthesis of organic compounds, carbonation of serpentinized peridotite, mass transfer reactions between mafic and ultramafic rocks, mass transfer between the igneous oceanic basement and seawater during high- and low-temperature alteration processes, mixing of hydrothermal fluids with seawater, fluid inclusions, the subseafloor biosphere in serpentinite and gabbro, and other fascinating topics.

Select Research Projects:

  • Aqueous Alteration of a CI Chondrite Simulant Relevant to Enceladus and Other Primitive Solar System Objects: Constraints from Laboratory Experiments (NASA award #21-SSW21-0029, PI)
  • Collaborative Research: A Quantitative Study of Reaction Pathways in Oceanic Serpentinites (NSF award #2214207, PI)
  • Collaborative Research: Understanding the Influence of Tectonic Setting on the Depth of Magmatic Processes in the Mid-ocean Ridge System (NSF award #2135901, Co-PI)
  • The Origin of Abiotic Hydrocarbons in Seafloor Serpentinization Systems (NSF award #1634032, PI)
  • Experimental Investigations of Peridotite-H2O-CO2 Interactions under Hydrothermal Conditions: A Study of Carbon Sequestration and Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Compounds (NSF award #1427274, PI)
  • Collaborative Research: Delineating The Microbial Diversity and Cross-domain Interactions in The Uncharted Subseafloor Lower Crust Using Meta-omics and Culturing Approaches (NSF award #1658031, Co-PI)
  • Quantifying the Volume Changes During Serpentinization of Peridotite using Hydrothermal Laboratory Experiments and X-ray Microtomography (NSF award #1551431, PI)
  • The Petrology of Abyssal Serpentinites: New Insights from Phase Petrology and Geochemical Reaction Path Modeling (NSF award #1059534, PI)
  • Experimental serpentinization of iron-rich olivine for application to Mars and icy satellites (NASA award, Co-I)
  • PIRE: ExTerra Field Institute and Research Endeavor (E-FIRE) (NSF award #1545903)
  • Collaborative Research: Carbonation of Serpentinite in the San Andreas Fault: How Fluid-rock Interactions Impact Aseismic Creep (NSF award #1220280, PI)
  • Exploring for Hydrothermal Activity at Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, Mid-Atlantic Ridge 0°55’N (Dalio Foundation, PI)

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